Metro HEC 
Do we believe that human beings are important?  Do we believe that ALL human beings are important?  ... And if we do, do we  live like that?  
--John Keck--
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About Us

What do we do?

Retreats - The retreat program consists of semi-annual weekend retreats beginning Friday evening and running through Sunday afternoon at locations in the Washington, DC / Baltimore area. The retreats consist of motivational talks, small group discussions, spirit filled music, liturgy, and quiet time for reflection. The program also holds occasional days of reflection. ​​​

Personal Care - Personal assistance of daily living are provided to the physically disabled while on retreat by able-bodied individuals attending the retreat.  The able-bodied individuals providing care do not have specialized training.  If specialized care is required, physically disabled individuals are encouraged to bring a care-giver with them.

Nursing - At least one registered nurse is present at every retreat in case of an emergency.  

Financial assistance - The cost of retreats and social events varies.  Scholarships are available to attend events.  No one is turned away for lack of money.

Transportation - Transportation to HEC events is offered to individuals who need transportation.

Social Events - The HEC community comes together for social events such a our Annual Picnic and Dinner Dance 

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