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Do we believe that human beings are important?  Do we believe that ALL human beings are important?  ... And if we do, do we  live like that?  
--John Keck--
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Handicapped Encounter Christ

A retreat experience taking the love of Jesus
and carrying it to others.

METRO Handicapped Encounter Christ (HEC) is a small, all volunteer organization that brings physically disabled and able-bodied individuals together in Christian community.

METRO HEC sponsors religious and social events to help both disabled and able-bodied individuals experience their dignity as children of God.

METRO HEC works to establish a positive image and respect for people with disabilities within the larger Christian community.

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Challenged to love unconditionally…  A HEC of a way to live.

God of compassion,
in Jesus Christ you cared for those who were blind or deaf,
crippled or slow to learn.
Though all of us need help,
give special care to those who are disabled,
particularly those we name in silence...
By our concern may they know the love you have for them,
and come to trust you;
through Jesus Christ who came to heal.

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